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Yellow Mustang


Since we had two more days after WPPI before our departure, we decided to travel to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. I’ll be posting more pictures from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon later. We also took our time to capture our car under Arizona sky.

Exposure time is 45 minutes, the car was lit with a flashlight.

I couldn’t miss a chance to get a photo of myself with this car :)

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Rockies, stars and lakes


Two weeks ago we traveled to Alberta for a wedding and we just couldn’t miss the chance to enjoy the Rocky mountains there. I decided to take some astrophotographs as the combination of stars in the sky and mountains is just mindblowing!

2. The moon was almost full and looked like sun, we could see everything around us without needing a flashlight!

3. Night landscapes are stunning:

4. The moon was so bright that we could hardly locate the Milky way:

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